Slap Bridge Race

We invite you to participate in the fun ethnic groups that will take place during the Slap Bridge Race at Friv school games. Three three-dimensional stickmen of various colors take part in them. You will control one of them and assist you in getting across the bridge, that is filled with stickmen of various colors who are the hero's opponents.

At first, run fast to increase your speed, then slap everyone inside the door, and only after slapping everyone can you enter the next level. Their mission is not to let you pass, and they will fight, or rather slap you across the face. You must exercise extreme caution. If your hero sees a palm appear above the opponent's head, he or she can safely knock the opponent down. But be cautious if you see a triangle above your head with an exclamation point in the middle. In the Slap Bridge Race, your guy might get hit so hard that he falls off the bridge.

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