Smashy Pipe

Stupid little live-streamed game in which you play as the pipe from Flappy Bird out for vengeance! Tired of Wimpy Bird games? Play as the sturdy pipe, man's best friend! Take those pesky birds out of the sky! With a single tap, you can move a funny character across the screen and change its direction. Assist the character in avoiding hazardous pipes.

In this simple but engaging game at Friv 4 school, you can improve your reflexes and observation skills. Assist the character in remaining alive for as long as possible. Several pipes will appear in the upper part of the screen and will move down from time to time, attempting to smash the hero. Remove the hero from a perilous time period. The more pipes you avoid, the greater your reward. Make a record.

We can completely invite more friends to join and share the fun with them. If you love this game, you can join some other similar games like Hoov vs Doov


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