Hey guys, Friv want to introduce you to a cool sonic io game You can control the speed of your character and collect as many gold rings as you can. At the same time, attack other players and avoid others' attacks. When you get enough stars, you can unlock more skins. Can you be the final winner in, let see the result!

Hop into this fast paced action packed game and try and survive the longest your main goal in this game at is to run around as fast as possible and dodge all of the incoming projectiles that are coming your way for the longest amount of time by carefully avouiding enemy fire while also trying to collect the rings around the arena to increase your score.

As you race, you encounter enemies that randomly spawn that you must avoid or destroy. Enjoy all the fast-paced action of this game and see if you can beat all of the challenges in this game.

Besides, you should also explore other similar games with this game to relax and complete with the skills you have collected today like 3 and Tornado .io. They will be different lessons that you can hardly find in real life.


Use the mouse to control the movement

Press left mouse button to sprint