Spider Robot Warrior Robot Spider

Welcome to one of the most famous robot games with latest robot models and designs from the future! Spider Robot Warrior Robot Spider from Friv 2019 will allow you to dive into the cool robot fighting game with the combination of many robots and transformers. The game set is placed in a big city with many platforms for you to combat. The goal is to become the last robot standing.

The only way to remain the winner is to defeat all the others and take the first place on the Leaderboard. However, there will be plenty of dangerous missions involving these deadly and strong robots. Learn the movement of the characters and how to use the boosters, the weapons to kill other robots from our tutorial.

Once that you are ready, start assembling your robots from the available pieces at https://friv4school2020.net/. You can even purchase better equipment, missiles, bullets, new infrastructures for it using the gain coins from the winning missions. How many matches can you win?

The best players will be able to take advantage of the large collection of weapons to switch back and forth between them. Using the most suitable weapon will guarantee a higher chance of winning! Discover more robot models with games like Mad Truck Challenge Special and Dinosaur Hunting Dino Attack 3D, all of which are for free!


Move with WASD keys

Use the spacebar to jump

Mouse to attack

F to transform

E to aim

R to change the weapon

L to lock the mouse cursor.