Sports MiniBattles

Sports Mini Battles is a brilliant collection of sports-based games. You can either play against an AI computer opponent or your friend using split controls. There are four different sports games to play. During each game, you must try and beat your opponent in an intense sports match.

In each game at Friv 4, the first player to score five times wins so stay alert and try to make every point or play count! The 2D graphics are cool, and the physics of the game make it entertaining. If you enjoy this game why not try 12 MiniBattles which is a similar physics-based game.

Let's invite your friends to start the challenge now to get the fastest memory training opportunity that will bring you many benefits. Additional experience joins now on a few other similar games SlingShot at 

Controlling keys: 

To move, player 1 use AD and player 2 use left and right arrow

To jump, player 1 use W and player 2 use up arrow

To smash, player 1 use space bar and player 2 use 0 or enter