Stretchy Road

Welcome to a new type of item-building game from Friv games for kids! In Stretchy Road, the players will get a chance to enjoy this interesting car arcade game with a combination of great simulation, fast-paced gameplay, and fun movement! The goal of the game is to park the car in the perfect spot by controlling the length of the road. You can't move the car on your own, which is why you need to take control of the roads instead. By holding the button, the road will automatically extend the length. It keeps on extending until when you choose to stop.

This allows the players to have full control over the length, so one last thing that you need to complete is to choose the perfect timing. First, estimate the length of the necessary road to help put the car to its rightful place. You can't stop before or after the right timing because the car will drop down the gap. Newbies might find it hard to follow up with the challenges at first, but after a few trials, you will get the sense of this game. How long can you keep the game going?

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How to play: Hold and release the button to extend the road.