Super Ninja

Select your preference in appearance and clothing and transform into the Super Ninja in this Friv new game! In this arcade game, the only task required for surviving is to dodge all the sharp objects which are scattered on the map. The positions of these items are randomly picked, therefore, the players need to stay focus since it's hard to avoid them. As your character moves along the path, you will control his movements and direction. Choosing to jump up and crouch down at the suitable timing is the ultimate key for dodging the danger.

The further you manage to reach, the higher your scores will be. Your total score will be calculated based on the final checkpoint of the game. Also, only by gaining enough coins will you be able to purchase extra updates and new boosters from the store. It's a game for both boys and girls with specialized pixelated design and vibrant color palette. Not only will it be fun to discover the range of obstacles in this adventure at friv 10000 but such simple gameplay can be addictive! Different obstacles are set for different stages of the game.

As you progress to the higher stages, the number of items will increase significantly as well as the pace of the game. One of the key requirements to win this gaming selection is to react quickly. Keep exploring new territories with other adventure games like Idle Tree and Steep

Controls: Move the character using the arrows.