Sweet Candy Saga

Get yourself a lovely and colorful-designed game like Sweet Candy Saga for de-stressing after a long day! In this Friv girl game, we bring the most interesting collection of candies so the girls can emerge in the adorable world of sweet treats! The candy types are all different from each other, therefore, you need to differentiate them. With the difference in shapes, sizes, and patterns, the players can organize the pieces in the perfect lines.

It's a matching game so the players need to do their best to move one candy and match with others. Any pieces from the same range can be put to one line for matching. You will need more than 3 candies in the same line. The game will automatically remove any matched lines for additional scores. Show your advanced game experience at friv Games by trying to organize 4 or 5 pieces on the same line! Combos from more than 3 pieces will bring tons of extra scores and valuable bonuses that can be used later.

There are two different game modes with different objectives. You will be running against the time in Time Rush mode, while in Normal mode, the goal is to unlock the next level with the limited moves. It's the perfect game and leisure that candy lovers can enjoy without any cost, so don't miss it out! Train your skills with other famous puzzle games such as Galactic Gems 2 and Fruita Crush with your friends.

Controls: Move and match using the left mouse.