Taxi City

Taxi City at Friv 4 car racing games is a simulator game of a modern driver transporting his customers in a rural big city full of hotels, skyscrapers and missing people walking in the streets. It's not a problem, after all, because like a modern driver - not sure if taxi-driver (due to co-drive) - our game hero uses a mobile Taxi app for getting customers. Do you ask why and how our hero has got into this job?

Simply, as a majority of young people, after getting a driving license in his early age, he has had a desire to drive as much as possible. So he bought a car (for leasing, of course), registrated yourself to the Taxi app and started working. And this is where the main story begins - when the game hero must earn enough to pay installments for his car, the operating costs of the car and the other cost of living. However, mainly for tuning of current car and buying new more luxury and faster cars which are more funny to drive.

Enjoy and make sure you try other games on our site. There are so many awesome options available. Some of them are Confident Driver and Traffic Control Time.


WASD = drive

1-4 = switch

mobile i = ignitation

C = camera

Y= accept customer

N= reject customer

QER = look around