Tricky Impossible Tracks Car Stunt Racing

If you are a fan of the attractive car driving game with an extra feature of the racing theme, Tricky Impossible Tracks Car Stunt Racing will be one of the best choices for you from the collection of Friv school games! Not only is it a new type of racing game with plenty of twists but it also allows the players to enjoy the 3D game art animation with the trendy graphics.

To win all the prizes, the players are required to become the drivers and drive to the marked area without any time limitation. Since the game is in endless mode, you will race until when your car reaches the finish line. However, you should also beware of the annoying and complicated obstacles and other edgy racers trying to stop you at friv Games 2020 ! The best way to win is to choose the perfect timing to speed up and the right corner to perform some drifts and stunts. It might sound a little complicated but the main theme and gameplay resemble that of ordinary racing games. Both kids and adults can easily emerge in the game for sure!

There will be a huge prize for the first one to come across the finish line. Your name will be granted on the top rank of the Leaderboard, which is a huge honor for a racer. A whole world of racing games awaits you with game choices like Drift Game and Extreme Racer  !

How to play: Drive using WASD or Arrow Keys.