Vacation And Car

Welcome to a brand new choice from the collection of Friv puzzle games: Vacation And Car! If you are a fan of finding the scattered jigsaw pieces and locating the right blocks for them, this interesting car and holiday puzzle game will satisfy your free time for sure! The rule is simple enough that all kids of all ages can learn it in no time! Just take a look at a big picture with the theme of holiday, cars and trips. Remember the details of the picture, then mix the pieces up. Now, you will have to use your memory to find the right pieces and put them back in the right position.

The goal is to recreate the lively image within the shortest time frame. You are free to pick from a different set of images and different modes to play. Different sizes and customized features from the game at... can be changed to perfectly match your requirement. Not only can you enjoy the leisure of slowly choosing the pieces but you can also get some sightseeing through these lovely pictures.

Colorful characters, vibrant theme, and amazing graphics have drawn thousands of players to this game, therefore, don't miss out this free chance to take a look at it! We have plenty of new games such as Guess Animal Names and To Build a Better Mousetrap on the website as well. Let's showcase your talents in jigsaws and puzzles solving!

Controls: Play with the mouse cursor.