Zombie Mission 13

The thirteenth installment of the Zombie Mission television series takes place in an entirely other reality. Once our heroes discover a magical book, the realm of fairy tales starts. Assist our heroes in rescuing the princess from evil's grasp. Bring her back to her loving prince so that life may return to normal! You're in for a new journey with lots of spectacular tools, machines, and vehicles. With the in-game coins you earn, free hostages, take down bosses, receive your daily awards, and upgrade the Store as needed.

Don't lose focus and stay on time as the game clock is ticking. Can you claim the title of the first player to conquer the most items on the list? There will be a wider range of free gaming selections with various themes and genres available for you to conquer such as 155 Police Dragon Panzer Drive, Rescue Beach Boat Parking, all at no cost. Join the world filled with the most favorable games anytime you are free and learn how to survive the toughest puzzles, action games, or even sports games!

How to play: Move: W,A,S,D for Player 1. Hit: Mega C Hit: Keep C Release and Key Weapon: V Repulse: X Jump: W (Swim up / Walk on the wall) Change weapons to Q-E Q+E (when the bar is full) Special Attack Move: arrow keys for player two Defeat: L Mega.