Zombies Vs Plants

Zombies Vs Plants is the new game choice from the collection of Friv new games. It's a simple game for kids of all ages with the main theme of a puzzle game. The rules are so simple that we guarantee all of you will get it in one look. However, the quest to search for all differences between two images with different details of zombies and plants is not easy at all. During each stage, there will be two pictures on the main screen. These two might look alike, but there are some differences scattered around.

Your job is to find out the strange points within the time range. The tough part is that there are only 60 seconds to find all 7 differences. At first, the time might be a huge obstacle for the new players at friv4school After a few tries, you will get the hang of it for sure! The collection of challenges in this game varies with ten different sets of pictures on ten levels. Since the difficulty level is different, you will have to adapt quickly to the new frames. Speed is one of the most important elements of this game. However, don't forget about the precision element as well.

If you choose the wrong piece, you will lose a little bit of time, which will prevent you from completing the whole tasks. Enjoy the other pretty images with carefully hand-drawn details in other games like Robot Escape and Mr. Miner

Instructions: Play and interact using the mouse.